Bookvip Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Bookvip has more reviews online than any other travel company. Simply do a quick search and see for yourself. How did they get so many great reviews? Well, two ways actually. Delivering what they promise and great marketing.

Obviously, you can’t please everyone no matter how hard you try. If you search hard enough you can find negative comments about any company. However, we have found that the negative reviews that Bookvip has received is more often than not based on confusion on the customers part.

On this page we will not only show you the many, many positive reviews of Bookvip vacations but we will also show you some of the negative reviews they company has received. That way you can make the best decision for yourself!

Bookvip BBB Reviews | 4 out of 5 Stars | A+ Rating

First off we will start with a company everyone knows, the Better Business Bureau. As of this writing Bookvip has 98 reviews with the BBB and has an average of 4 out of 5 stars. At Discounted Vacation Deals we consider that really good in a tough industry such as travel where so many things can go wrong. The BBB considers that really good as well since Bookvip has an A+ rating with them!

One thing we really like about Bookvip is they are very active in responding to customer complaints on their Bookvip BBB page. They deal with thousands of vacationers each year. With a company this big they are going to have some complaints and they respond to each and every one of them and look to get it resolved. Here are a few of the positive remarks.

Bookvip responds to each and every BBB review. That is a good sign!

Bookvip BBB overall rating is a 4 out of 5 stars. They are active on the site and try to resolve all issues. One area we would suggest they work on is not having such a canned response each time to the customer reviews. Many times their response is identical to the previous review.

However, we understand there is a lot of red tape in big corporate companies so they may only be able to send a few pre-approved messages to positive reviews.

Want to do a little more research on the Bookvip BBB reviews? Check out the page for yourself. Bookvip Better Business Bureau Page.

Sitejabber has 6,381 Reviews of Bookvip Vacation Deals

One of the most impressive review sites we found for Bookvip was at They have an incredible 6,381 reviews of Bookvip as of this writing. More importantly, Bookvip has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on their site. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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Bookvip Video Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Sending over 100,000 people on vacations each year, Bookvip is able to gather a lot of video testimonials as well. Bookvip is really good at marketing and offering incentives. In fact, if you go on a Bookvip vacation and leave a positive video review for them they will give you a second vacation at one of their partner resorts for free.

That is a great way to gather positive reviews from people. The Bookvip Youtube channel has hundreds of these short customer clips available. If there is a resort you are interested in attending, we recommend heading to their Youtube channel to listen to a few of the reviews.

Not only will you get insight into the type of experience you will have at the resort, you will also get to see the resort in live video stream. Here are a few Bookvip video reviews.

Solmar Resort – Cabo San Lucas

Bookvip Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive Resort

These are just a few of the many Bookvip reviews that you can find on their Youtube channel. In fact, Bookvip has gathered more than 26,000 5 star video reviews over the past 9 years. Hopefully, you can see that Bookvip is a legit company even though the deals may seem too good to be true. As long as you are willing to attend the presentation and you meet the requirements you will save big.

Need more convincing? Here are the more Bookvip video reviews.

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Let’s Take A Look At the Bookvip Complaints

When you send over 100,000 people per year on vacation you are bound to have some customer complaints. We would never claim that Bookvip is perfect. Every business has room for improvement.

I think Bookvip needs to be a little more upfront with the fact that they are pitching a timeshare to you and that is the reason for the discounted prices that are up to 80% off. If they were more upfront with this they would receive much less complaints.

Here are a few Bookvip reviews that are not on the positive side. However, you will see that the people just don’t have all of the information such as needing to qualify before they booked their vacation.

So this negative Bookvip review was found on This person from Houston, Texas is telling us that Bookvip is a scam and to stay away. However, as you can see from the message they were unaware of the requirements for a timeshare presentation. This is a perfect example of how being more upfront with the requirements would reduce the number of complaints they receive.

The extra payments that this person is referring to are the resort fees and taxes that you must pay. These fees range anywhere from $5 – $29 depending on the resort. This extra tax and fees are becoming more commonplace these days and should be expected. Have you booked a room on the Las Vegas strip the past 10 years or so? You will pay extra resort fees each time once you arrive.

As far as the plane fare…. That is exactly why we recommend waiting to purchase your flight until everything is 100% set and you have your dates and booking confirmation for the resort. Follow this and you can find more of our best tips on how to make your Bookvip vacation a great experience.

This person may not have qualified for the exact resort that he wanted due to income or martial status. However, there are many other resorts he can choose from in which he would qualify. He just needs to work with the customer service department to find the one that fits him best.

Also, he has 12 months to go on his vacation which is more lenient than any other travel site in the industry. Keri G. has a great response to this person’s complaint and actually give the same answers that I provide. Thanks Keri!

Bookvip forum response
Bookvip forum response

Ok, this one is wrapped up. Let’s take a look at another example of a bad Bookvip review.

Bookvip Review and Customer Complaint

Once again this person did not do her research and also booked her flight before receiving a hotel confirmation. She claims she was being asked “arbitrary and discriminatory questions”. These are the simple questions to qualify you for the timeshare.

More misunderstandings and miscommunication more of the same. Bookvip is not a scam and is legit. Hopefully, this page will help settle some of the qualms you have about scheduling a vacation with Bookvip. If you are on board, you should use one of the links we have here at Discounted Vacation Deals.

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